Sunday, October 21, 2007

Finally ---

Anyway I wrote the result at first. This Friday my yougher daughter passed into a college. Fron next spring she is going to be a college student and to leave this home, though she is going to live with her daughter together.
I'm happy, I feel lost, and I'm sad beacause she is going to leave home.

In my elder daghter's case, I often wrote her situation how, what she was studying and drawing. But I didn't dare to wirte about my younger daughter's situation.

If you know my daughters, they have completely different character.
My elder daugter is a type to grind away for her purpose. So in her case she decided her concreat aim as soon as she became a high school student. So my husand and I was just watchng her, though unfortunally she failed in entering the college she wished for the best. But now she enjoy her another college live. Next week art festival is going to be held at her college.

My younger daugher-- it is difficult to discribe her character. optimistic, free, easygoing. Anyway she was living the world without "making efforts", it means she didn't study very much. Probably one of the reason was she didn't find a purpose after her graduation.
When she was in the second at high school, she was always in a bad temper. Her fasion was getting wild (from my eyes), she startedpart time job, and her grade got the lowest. My husband and I were really worried about her. But from last winter, she started changing, she started thinking about her feature, and she started show interests in interia.
And she suddenly started to study hard, and from the winter she has got good score.

So she got letter of recommnedation from school, and she got a test of "drawing".
It was not a usual examination. She had to draw her favorite buldings until the examination day.
On the examination day, she had to make a speech about her drawin, and wrote a short peper about a theme that was given on the day. And the theme was "design".

And yesterday we got a notice of "passing".

I tried to show you one of her picturers. But I couldn't attached it on this blog. I don't know why.
Anyway if you are intereseted in it, please drop by my photo site.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What do you eat for breakfast?

I asked to draw a picture of breakfast to my students.
It was fun.Though we are all Japanese, some students eat toast, some students eat rice.
What makes me surprised, many students drink barley tea.
If you have visited Japana and stayed RYOKAN, probably they served grilled fish, MISO soup, a fried egg, rice , and Nori& Natto. I think it is a typical old-fashioned breakfast.
Most students eat rice or bread, some salad, some fruit. and barley tea. And sometimes eat ham, a fried egg.
And a student said "I want spaghetti with meat sauce".
Well, our breakfast; my daughter eat rice and left-over of OBENTOU.
My husband and I usualy eat toast and coffee, and drink homemade yoghurt with green vegetable powder.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

candy sweet potatoes

What is the most typical vegetable for you in fall? "Sweet potaotes". In these area lots of kindergardents and elementary schools an event of digging sweet potaotes is held.
I got lots of sweet potaotes. There are various way to cook them; Tenpura, grilled potatoe, potato pie.
And one of my favorite cooking is this "candy sweet potaotes". It might be called "DAIGAKUIMO". But I don't know how to cook "DAIGAKUIMO". This season I often cook these candy sweet potatoes.

cut sweet potatoes , deep fried.

On the other hand prepare another pan.
put some oil and sugar(I use unrefineded sugar ) and heat them up.
And put some vinegar to make liquid candy.

put hot fried sweet potatoes into them.

The end.

Well, if you know about DAIGAKUINO,

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What book made an impression?

This weekend I attended Toast Master meeting. I was asked a short speech, the title is What book made animpression ?

It is fall, in Japan it is said that it is the best season to eat, to play sports and to read books.

I love reading, and usualy every other week I go to the library and borrow some books. But about sudde question I couldn't ghink of suitable books.

So I told about my kids. When my kids were little, my family used to go to the library every other week together. It was a kind of family event.

When my daughter was in the second or third grade, she suddenly showed interest of this book, because she performed it at school. I thought it was for her too thick to read. She was done. I really surprised and proud of her. From that her reading hobby has started.

I don't know the English name. This authour is Garmany. I want to read this book in English.

If someone tell me the English title, I'm really glad.

On the other hand my younger daughter was into Little King series. Even now this series is really populer among kids. I don't know whether are translated in English. On the other hand I found a little bit similar books. It is "Prince Bertram The Bad". The aurthor is "that " Arnold Nobel. my junior high school students and high school students loves him. So I bought the book.