Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the final week of Halloween

As soon as October started, we (students and I) are doing something about Halloween, and this week is the final week.

The main event is baking pumpkin cookies. And I present "last" pieces of candy corn with the poem card. My friend told about a book, she said "it is actually pieces of candy corn".

Halloween of this year is really really wonderful thanks of candy corn.

Sweet Tooth

A handful of loose teeth rattle in my pocket,
triangles of orange and yellow bitten off just so, nip by nip to the white tip.
Oh, candy corn, why do you appear only once a year

Today, it is wonderful sunny, because typhoon has gone. So yesterday it was bad weather, and my lessons were canceled. I was free, so I baked cake.
And because of typhoon, Yuki's business trip was canceled, so he came back earlier with cake.
Yesterday late-night snack, and this morning breakfast are ---cake.
If it happens sometimes, I don't care.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Does anyone know the name of these candies?

I hope someone tell me the names, the photo is not good.

For this Halloween, my friend send me candy corn, and I found a good book for the candy.

And I thought, these candies of the page might have their own names, not just candy.

I thought and did some searching but not complete yet.

One chocolate coin,
Two chocolate balls
Three gummi worms
Four ring drops??
Five Jelly Beans
Six rainbow sour candyies?? ????? though we call them RAMUNE
Seven block candies?? , gum candyies?? or tuffies?? (they are pink and square in the real pictures)
Eight milk candies?? (they are white and something little and orange is on the top in the real pictures )
Nine lolly pops
Ten candy corns

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lea said ---

Lea, she is 17.
We (Yuki and I) are in our 40's generation, Oh, no, Yuki is now 50 years old.
Well, well,
but all of three know the Beatles.
The other day we went to Karaoke shop and sang the songs of Beatles.

According to her the most famous rock, pop, hard rock, punk heavy metal bands are --
1. Green Day
2. Rolling Stones
3. Mickael jackson
4. Yes
5. Queen of the Stone Age
6. The Beatles
7. Iron Maiclen
8. Led Zeppelin
9. Genosis
10. Foo Fighters
11. Van Halen
13. Jimi Nendrix
14. Rink Floyd
15. Nirvana

The bands "I" know are No2, 3, 6, 8 ,12.
And the songs "I" can sing are just songs of the Beatles.

How about you???

Monday, October 12, 2009

candy cone-->Candy Corn

Now, Halloween is getting popular in Japan. So many kinds of Halloween sweets come to Japan. Candy corn is one of them. But the shops which deal with it are few. I know one shop on the net, but unfortunately candy corn already was sold out.
So I asked my friend to sent it for us (including my friends.)
And some bags came with lots of Halloween presents.
I always thanks for her kindness.
--- Ashi o]ikete neralemasen---
I won't ever sleep with my toes pointing to where you are.
The meaning is probably "I am forever in your debt."

Well, Well, Well, and I candy corn like this with a paper(Origami) pumpkin .

And she use it like this.
What a big difference!
Both are OK, aren't they?
And the taste --- unfortunately for me -- too sweet.
it doesn't mean, not delicious, yes, just sweet.
I know NATTO is -- not delicious for many foreigners, and some Japanese.
I prefer jelly beans, and Japanese Konpeitou.
But it's really fun, and cute.
We enjoy Halloween month!

Friday, October 02, 2009

It was easy!!!

We (my family and my students) all are surprised!!! It is easy, it is wonderful, it is scary.
What is "it"? To make Jack-O'-Lantern.
Some students prepared a plastic bag for taking the inside, but nobody did it.
When we opened it, inside is mostly empty. There were only kind of cotton, and lots of seeds.
They scooped with a small scoop at first, but it seemed to take long time, so finally they started to scoop with their hands. And the things they scooped looked ---dirty.
We did it!!
I hope the farmer will plant them next year.
I can buy them at COSTO on the net, but it's really expensive.