Friday, February 05, 2010

Mexican?? dishes

The other day "we", it means Yuki and I joined a cooking lesson.
Did Yuki join to " a cooking lesson"?
Yes, we were invited to it by my friend, saying " A "man" show some Mexican dishes.
So Yuki joined to see a man, and "eat" some spicy real Mexican dishes.

But unfortunately it was cooking lesson, I took our aprons secretly, and I passed one to him, but --- while we were cooking, he was ???? where????? I don't know.
And he came back in time to taste the dishes.
In the cooking lesson some men joined it too, and all of them wanted hot, spicy taste.
(Well, the members separated into four groups)
So the dishes of our members were chosen as "hot spicy taste table".
So Yuki and some people who "love" hot spicy taste, came to have our dishes.

Well the dishes we made were
fresh salsa, cooked salsa, guisado (pork dish) and Arroz con Leche (it looks like rice pudding)
Do you know these dishes??

This time we use flour tortillas. In Japan they are easier to get than corn tortillas.
But I think corn tortillas are common, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun...I take many cooking classes, some we only observe and others we cook. Usually they are casual with lots of laughter but the best part is eating the results! I am taking a Japanese (home style) cooking class right now and a French cooking class is planned. Did the Mexican chef speak Japanese? Jan

Anonymous said...

"He", the Meican cooking teacher is not a chef, he is an assitant language teacher, it means he teachese English in junior high schools. He came here ten months ago from Texas, so he can't speak Japanese except, OHAYOU GOZAIMASU, ARIAGATOU GOZAIMASU, and some casual Japanese. But no problems, we enjoyed.