Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh! It's Friday.

Well, this afternoon at about one o'clock PM (Japan time) , Mao-chan appears to the TV, but I will not be able to watch her, watch the live of final competition in Olympics Figure skating. I'll have to go out. That's too bad. Are you interested in this Olympics show? what fields are you interested in?

Since this new computer with Windows 7, more than 2 weeks have passed. Now it almost seems to adjust to our life. While we got this new computer, we restructured our LAN system.
And it gets easier to listen and watch English web-site.

I'm really surprised at recent progress in the audio world very much.
When I was born, the main material to listen to music was records, and listen to English conversation was ,probably, radio, or expensive "open reel tapes". My father would used to listen to them.
And cassette tapes were popular, though I don't know since when. My mother in-law still uses them to practice KARAOKE.

And CDs and Videos appeared.
( for a while laserdiscs appeared, Yuki loved them, but unfortunately they have gone somewhere.)
We have lots of Videos tapes of our children we took by ourselves.

And MDs appeared, though in only Japan.

Now CDs, DVDs, and i-pots are popular.
So lots of audio books appear inexpensively or free.

For me, English conversation programs or News programs are difficult to understand, but story shows are easier .
For example, storynory website, BBC story web site.
But I don't know where these audible sites are clear or not, it means I can understand whether some one's Japanese is standard Japanese , kid's Japanese or something.

If you know some programs you recommends, please let me know them.

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