Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cherry blossoms and a special bacteria??

This morning Yuki and I went to see cherry blossoms near the mound, for me it's a mountain, though.

This weekend it will be the best days to see cherry blossoms in Utsunomiya. According to the weather reports, it will rain tomorrow. I hope its forecast would be wrong (as usual).
Since we came here, we always go to see cherry blossoms in spring. On the first few years we used to come here with our friends and have party. And until two years ago we came here with our family. And from last year, two of us come.
Anyway I'm glad to see these cherry blossoms here again in this spring.
Well, I read and listen to an interested news on the BBC cite. Probably this news is not announced widely in Japan. Do you know that Japanese people have a special bacteria in our guts, which are called Bacteroides plebeius.
According to the BBC World News for Children site,
" Scientists claim that Japanese people have a natural advantage when it comes to eating sushi. That's because bacteria in their guts have learned to copy what bacteria in the sea does - and that's to break down seaweed. In the bite-size pieces of rice, fish, vegetables and egg, seaweed is wrapped around the food to keep it together. "
What I can say is just "Really?".


Tamara Marnell said...

From what I read, people aren't born with this ability, but you acquire it over time if you eat a lot of seaweed. The bacteria from the ocean in the seaweed can transfer its genetic code into human digestive bacteria, so eventually Japanese people end up with "unique genes." If we started feeding American babies nori, we would all eventually acquire the genes too :D

Anonymous said...

We have lots of kinds of "seeweed", NORI, WAKAME, KONBU, etc. And probably the seaseed the news mentioned is WAKAME, because we usualy eat fresh WAKAME. NORI that is used for Sushi is usually dry as you know.

Nana said...

cherry blossom is so pretty..
I wish i can see them in real life.

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia,you enjoy lots of flowers with bright color through all season. Here it is really really cold, unusual weather, it is spring though.

Nana said...

haha.. well thats true,but its hot almost and everyday.. 30-34C @____@