Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's this?

I bought it on the web. Can you guess what this is. Yes, it's a kind of cap, and it's a kind of bandanna. It's called a bandanna cap. It is a cap, so you don't need tie it up. and when you wear it, you look wearing a bandanna.
Why did I buy it??
Just a caprice, just a fun.
Just I wanted to cheer up me when I did house chores in the house. And the result is ---
It has been cold for these days, so I don't do house chores , I'll say more concretely, I don't clean up the rooms hard.


Anonymous said...

I listen to audio books while I am doing house chores. That makes the time go fast and I get interested in the book and work longer to keep hearing the story. Jan

Anonymous said...

Jan, does your comment mean "Clean the rooms!"? I'll say it to Yuki.

DesiraeF_Creech0709 said...
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Anonymous said...

To Someone
I'm sorry, I can't read your message. Is it in Japanese? The characters are garbled.