Sunday, August 05, 2012


Since I updated this blog, one week has already pasted. Last week twice I went to nursery schools to read picture books. It's really fun to read books to kids. They show their emotion straightly, when they feel fun they laugh loudly, when they feel bored they start yawning naturally.
Except going there I was almost at home this week, though I went to workout three times a week. Some students came in turn to take extra lessons. Some had to brush up, some needed help for their summer homework. Sometimes I went out to have lunch with students to take a lunch break. It was interesting to talk with them at a RAMEN-noodle shop.

Today electrical workers come to put an air conditioner in Yuki's room. Yesterday we reorganized his room, and threw away a bookshelf and a desk. It was a big jog. Did I tell you? These days I try to throw away ten things (including a little thing like a sticker) to seek simple life. My kitchen seems to be getting more simple. And this time instead of ten things, we threw away ten big bags of garbage,so Yuki's room also seemed to get simple. Now "I" am waiting for their coming, (Yuki went to play golf already.)
For Yuki and me, recently we that that "space" is the most valuable thing in our house.

A few years ago in Japan a phrase of "DAN-SHA-RI" became a big thing. Lots of books came out.
 "DAN" means to refuse getting things, "SHA" means to throw things away, and "RI" means not to stick things. We tend to keep lots of things thinking sometime we might use. Of course we need "some" extra batteries, "some" extra tissues, "some" extra plates, but we don't need "a lot". It's difficult to draw a line between "some" and "a lot". Anyway I try to do "DANSHARI" little by little.

Jan, when you come to my house again, you must shout "Mieko, you did a good job, what an organized kitchen it is"! I'd like to hear this phrase, so I try to throw away ten things every day.
Well, well, for me, it is one thing to organize the kitchen, and it is another thing to keep the kitchen clean. I'm not good at cleaning.

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