Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Are you good at communication? I think foreigners except Asian are good ice breakers in Japan.
I read an article about how to communicate with person you might have a little trouble with.(It is not a person you don't like.)

The article said "At first listen to him or her at least five minutes."
I think five minutes is too long.
Since I finished my PTA activities I have had few people I have trouble with to communicate. (Because I don't need to communicate with such people.)
But even when I "have to " listen to my husband, my mother  and my mothers, five minutes is too long.

The article said ;
Usually people get calm after five minutes speaking what they want to speak. Then you should start saying that "well, it's my turn to tell my opinion". Or you can serve tea for them to refresh the atmosphere.
If you can't find any points to agree with, you need to find out meeting points in a gray zone.
You can't continue avoiding such people, listening to people who have different points of view might get you a new thinking way.


Anonymous said...

We have a term..."running out of gas" and it is often applied to someone who is "blustering" with annoyance, self-importance, complaining, whining, etc. If you simply allow them to vent their frustrations...they eventually "run out of gas"..and often sheepishly realize how foolish they sound. Jan

Mieko said...

"Running out of gas", I really know it. Writing this blog is one way of my "running out of gas".