Monday, September 03, 2012


Now it's September. it's getting cooler and cooler, though it's till hot in the day time. I put FUTON instead of a cotton blanket.
This weekend, Yuki and I really enjoyed.
On Saturday, in the morning, Yuki went to playing tennis, and I went to workout.
And in the afternoon we went to the golf range, though most of time he was practicing, I was reading a book. And I dropped by a cafe. I like the cafe owner who is a woman in the same generation of me. Did I tell you about her cafe? First she started to show her garden, then she started to serve tea, then she opened her cafe. The view from of her cafe is wonderful. Here is UTSUNOMIYA.
Then we went to  a library, and grocery shop. At night we went out for dinner on foot. Recently I knew that an inexpensive good restaurant  was nearby. Yuki enjoyed beer and SYOUCYU, and I shipped Cold sake a little.
While we were having dinner, Eri-chan who lives next to our house came.
On Sunday, we started to organize our parking lot. We need some things to do it so that we went to some home centers. Our daytime errand had done without problems.  While we went shopping, we had lunch at an Italian restaurant.
And finally it was the time for an big event.  A concert of YAMASHITA-YOUSUKE was held at a private studio. The owner's couple is a big fun of the Jazz pianist, So they asked him to come to their private studio, and he came there in (kind of ) private. 



Anonymous said...

I think you worried about the void when your youngest daughter left to start her own adult life, but you seem to be leading a varied and fulfilling pre-retirement lifestyle these days. Good for you! Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks Jan, for your comments. I'm not used to use my time for my self, yet. I'll try anything that comes in front of me as much as I can. Some people say I'm energetic. I'm learning energetic life from you always. I always thank you.