Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christams

It's Monday and a substitute holiday in Japan because a national holiday  fell on Sunday (yesterday). How do you spend this Christmas Eve?
Yuki went to work, but he came back earlier than usual. He bought cake and chicken for Christmas. So we could celebrate tonight together.

He bought a present for me. Thanks. I'm sorry I didn't prepare anything for him. 

From early December to last Friday, my students and I really enjoyed Christmas crafts and cooking. To tell the truth, while I was doing it with them, I often thought that it was troublesome. But thanks of my students I really enjoyed Christmas season. And I could celebrate this Eve with Yuki.
In the day time I already put away Christmas ornaments, and put New Year's ornaments.

Can you see the title of the book? It's "Hide and Snake". The Chinese zodiac sign of the next year is "snake".

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