Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tomomi's exhibition "White Atmosphere"

The exhibition of my elder daughter Tomomi was held.
She held her personal exhibition "White Atmosphere" at a gallery in OMOTESANDOU where is near HARAJYUKU. (I think many people have ever heard the name of HARAKYUKU town.)

To our delight many people visited there. And to our great surprise, one work was sold, though her purpose of this exhibition is not to sell works, but to earn acclaim in an art world.

Constantly some one came to see her works. Mostly they were her friends, teachers, and relatives including us. But some people who run a gallery also came. And people who come to OMOTESANDOU also dropped by the gallery. She is a really happy girl, ---- not a girl, a happy lady.

It is the first step for her as an artist. Anyway she has stepped into the art world. I'm always worried about her "regular" job. But it can't be helped. She is pursuing her way as hard as her possible.  To hold such an exhibition, she can't afford to have savings for her future. On the other hand thanks of her assistant job at art college, she can use a studio in the college. So she uses her private time including Sundays and Saturdays to make her art works in the college. She must be a lucky lady.

Do your best, and go your way, it's just the word I can tell her as a mother.
Congratulations Tomomi.


Helen said...

Congratulations to your daughter! It sounds like her show went well.

She's very lucky that she's able to do what she loves!

Mieko said...

Thanks Helen. Yes, she's lucky to find what she loves and wants to pursue, and she has a chance.