Friday, March 29, 2013

An exhibition of Tomomi and other two freidns

This week, my elder daughterTomomi is holding an exhibition with her two friends.
Last month she held her personal exhibition, and displayed large works. This time she displayed small works.

The gallery is in Kichijouji, which is in Tokyo, and very popular among young people. So she and her friends seems to focus on young people. Their works suit to them.
I used to go Kichijouji, when I was young. Yuki also used to go there. It was about more than 30 years ago. Still now some shops, cafes,  and Jazz cafes, which we would go there  are kept being run. I'm very glad to see them.  In Kichikouji there is a famous Japanese sweet shop. Since I was young it has been famous, and there is always a long line waiting. On the day I went, there was also a line waiting. I don't like to wait in a line, but this time I felt some nostalgic, so I stood in a line.
It made me happy that the town where I used to go and play has still been lively and active.


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