Monday, March 04, 2013

March came

Now it's March.  Hina festival (March 3) has gone, so I put off Hina-dolls, and decorated  something to celebrate Easter.
Today Yuki is at home, it is unusual. Why? Finally he has touch of a flu. In the morning he went to clinic, and antiviral Tamiflu was prescribed to him. He has not a high fever now, but still has a slight fever. I hope he will recover until tomorrow.  We are going to have guests from East Timur this weekend, but if he doesn't recover, we have to  cancel it.

Well, what would you like to eat when you have the flu or have a fever?
I don't like to cold myself, so I usually drink lots of hot green tea, and like to eat hot UDON (Japanese noodle.)
I bought some oranges and a  big bottle of water with Vitamin C. He likes to have something cold.
I heard in America, people who have a fever usually drink coke. Is it right? I think it's not healthy.
Anyway he has enough appetite, so I sauteed beef for him for dinner.

Be careful not to catch the flu.


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of Americans drinking coke but when I was a child my mother gave me 7-Up for an upset stomach. In fact, I think pregnant women used to drink 7-Up for nausea so there must be something soothing in it for those conditions. Jan
Hope you don't have to cancel your guests' stay.

Mieko said...

Jan thanks for your comment.
Happyily Yuki has recovoered. He is fine.--- but he can't go out until tomorrow as a rule.I hope I won't catch the flu.

Well, I didn't know 7-up. And I checked it on the net. Now I know. I bought simmilar thing for Yuki.