Wednesday, March 06, 2013


It's a season of pollen. Many people are suffering from pollen allergy. Last night one high school student came in red eyes. She couldn't bear runny nose and itchy eyes and went to clinic. It was the first day to take medicine, it means she was too sleepy to take my lesson, though she said that the medicine which wouldn't make her sleepy had been prescribed.)

Actually I'm also suffering from pollen allergy. Though I take medicine, I feel listless. I thought I would caught the flu from Yuki, but I don't have a fever, not have a sore throat. 

And about Yuki, he has recovered. Fortunately he didn't suffer from high fever. Anyway he had to stay home until today. So he is contacting with his office via Internet. He cannot go out to play golf. Playing golf is his most important hobby. The next important hobby is playing tennis, of course he can't. Anyway he has to stay in his room quietly. So he works at home.

These days I often think about "parent and child" and "family".
Have you ever thought of the difference of two words?
The other day my family who are Yuki, our two daughters and I had a photo taken at a photo studio. It was the first time to have a formal photo taken.
On particular days like Adults day we went to a photo studio. But we didn't have a family photo taken. Because my mother or my mother-in-;aw was with us. I thought if we had a photo taken with only my family, my mother or my mother-in-law would be sad. And if we had a photo taken with my mother or my mother-in-law (It's rare that both of them are with us.) would be sad. So we had missed the chance to have a family photo taken.
I think my mother and I are permanently parent-child. Yuki and his mother are permanently parent-child. But our family consists with Yuki, M, T, and I.
Is it wrong?

Now our family is separating, probably our daughters make their own family. If we should live with them, we could keep our family. (Does it make sense? It's difficult to use subjunctive mood correctly)

Well, I got chocolate of Leonidas. Do you know Leonidas? In Utsunomiya we don't have a shop. So I'm really happy to get it.

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