Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Atelier Inaka

Some people might know that I love visiting cafes. Once a month I play the piano at a cafe Karaku. I like playing the piano, and I also like to visit there and talk with the owner and his wife.
I sometimes visit cafes. I have some favorite cafes in Utsunomiya.
The other day I visited one of my favorite cafes, it's Atelier Inaka.

It's a cafe, but there coffee isn't be served. They serve tea, herb tea and Japanese tea. The cafe is managed by just an owner, who is Mr. T in his early 30's. He was born as a son of a famous Japanese sweet shop in Utsunomiya, so he has brought up with Japanese tea. Though he is young, he doesn't drink coffee and actually he doesn't like coffee very much.
At the cafe he serves at least two cups of tea, and sometimes three cups of tea. So customers can stay there without hesitation.
The style of cafe is really unique. There are only six seats. (He organizes the cafe and also deals with dishes. So selling dishes is also his business.)  Since he opened the cafe, two years will have past next moth. I knew a one and half years ago, at that time I was really worried about the future of the cafe. It seems to be successful. I'm looking forward to watching the future of him and his business. If I had a son, I wonder I would have such a feeling on my son.
Anyway it's fun to talk with him. Thanks Mr. T.

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