Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to combat depression

Yesterday Tracey came to teach English to our members. Three of us attend it. Everybody made a three-minute speech.
I talked about "how to combat depression".

Have you felt depression? If you have, how do you combat depression? Some experts suggest counting your blessing as a way to combat depression. Take a moment to mediate on you life and highlight all the positive things. You might be surprised at how good your life actually is, when you summarise the good things instead of the other way around. If you foster an attitude of gratitude, you'll lose focus of all the negative thins and forget your blues.
It's a really positive way, don't you think of it?
However, when we are too sad, it's sometimes difficult for us to imagine positive things.
There is another suggestion. When we are sad, we tend to choose something to cheer us up. However according to Ohio state university researchers tragedies are equally uplifting. When characters betray each other, we feel positive about our relationships. Characters in disgrace make us value our own honer and other qualities. Instead of dwelling on sadness, tragedies let us reflect positively on our selves. I know a proverb that fight  fire with fire. It's a strong way to combat depression, but it might work.
To reflect these suggestions to my life, when I meet positive people I feel positive and it makes me cheer up. On the other hand I'm sometimes tired of doing house chores, especially looking at a messy room. However when I visit my mother in-law's house, it makes me relived. Her house is really messy, so I' always satisfied with my self saying my house is tidier than her house, I'm a better home maker.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mieko, Two,here in the US I think for many people it is their religious faith that helps them through depression. I have a close friend who has had many unhappy events in her life and it is her strong faith that keeps her "balanced." Through her deep faith she "lets go" other words she passes her worries on to God. Secondly, there have been studies that show laughter is an antidote to counteract depression or even illness. The act of laughing releases chemicals in your body that are a natural antidepressant. When my own mother was terminal ill with cancer, I used to rent funny movies and TV shows and we would sit and laugh, and I believe it made her feel better. For me, I might read something lighthearted and uplifting to take my mind away from depressing thoughts. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks Jan for your comment.
For many people "religion" is very importatn. Sometimes I think I would be different if I had a religion. I know "laughing is very important". We love your and Nick's smiling.