Monday, May 06, 2013

Ten- day holiday -1-

We had a ten-day holiday which is called Golden week.
The first three days Yuki and I went to TOKYO to meet our daughters, my mother and my mother in-law.
This time my younger daughter M moved out. Until April she had lived with her elder sister next to my mother's house. And in June, she is going to get married. So using this long holiday she moved to an apartment and started to live with her soon-to-be husband. We helped her moving. It was the last thing we could do as her parents.
Accurately M and her soon-to-be husband Y hand in a document for marriage after the moving. So They already got married, M's family name is changed. And their wedding ceremony is going to hold in June. Am I happy? Am I sad? I have had a really complicated feeling. Watching a couple makes me relieved, on the other hand I feel empty and lonely.

Anyway our stay in Tokyo was busy and good.
Well, well, the next day I came back here, I had a fever. I was going to invite a friend, but unfortunately I had to cancel it. For two days I was in bed. One of the days Yuki went to play golf, and the other day he changed wall paper in the toilet.  Since this house was built, more that 25 years passed. These days we are always thinking to refurbish this house. Three years ago we changed the floor of the kitchen. Thinking about refurbishing is fun, but thinking about the cost makes us feel depressed. We are not venturous people.
Now in the garden our clematis started to bloom

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