Monday, May 06, 2013

Ten-day holiday -3-

The last half of holiday our elder daughter Tomo came here. I was getting better, so we went to Sibukawa city which is in the next prefecture to Tochigi. We went to two art museums.

Shibukawa city is surrounded by mountains. It's like Tochigi, but probably the mountains are higher than ones in Tochigi. The scenery was so beautiful.

At the first museum, Tomo could meet her favorite artist and talked with him. The artist makes works using paper like T.

The next museums was HARA Museum Arc. It was a famous museum. They usually show modern art. This time they show conceptual art. Unfortunately it was too difficult for us to understand.
During the drive I felt dizzy, so I lay down with blanket in the car. However the beautiful scenery made me feel better.
Today it is the last day of the holiday. Yuki is playing golf with his friend. I'm relaxing at home. I still feel dizzy slightly, but it's OK. Though it was too bad that I had to cancel two things, I had a good holiday.


Helen said...

Oh no! Feel better soon Mieko-san.

It sounds like a nice holiday, except for getting sick.

Mieko said...

Thanks Helen. It seems to be difficult to adjust to this changanable weather for me. Even in Utsunomiya we still need heater.