Monday, June 17, 2013

A big event was finished

Last Saturday a big event was finished. Now there is a bunch of flowers on the table.
I'm really relieved now. My younger daughter's wedding ceremony was done. Our relatives and the bride's relatives came and celebrate their wedding. The wedding ceremony was organized by My younger daughter M and her husband Y. There were no room for me to help them. So I just joined the ceremony, but I had been really nervous and it caused dizziness.

As her parents , Yuki escorted her down the aisle, and I put down her veil. They were the last job as her parents.

It was a wonderful ceremony. They are not Christian, but M wanted to have a wedding in a Christian style. She wore a white wedding dress instead of white Japanese KIMONO, and I also wore a long dress instead of Japanese black KINOMO.

My mother, and Yuki's mother were really happy to attend their grand child's wedding. Though the main is a bride and groom. But I think this ceremony is hold to show appreciation to people especially relatives. So everybody seems to be satisfied. It was a good ceremony.

Now I sigh in relief, and I sigh in resignation. I have a complicated feeling. Anyway this week I have lots of things to do, so I have no time to suffer  a empty nest syndrome.

Anyway congratulations Megumi, and Youichi!


Helen said...

Congratulations on your daughter's marriage! It sounds like it was a lovely day.

(Sorry, I meant to write earlier, but I got busy.)

Mieko said...

Thanks Helen. I'm really happy to get your comment. It was a wonderful day. Now --- I still sigh.
Thank you.