Monday, June 10, 2013


A new week has started. What are you going to do this week?
How was your weekend?

Yuki and I went to listen to a Jazz flute concert at a cafe. The owner of the cafe is my friend, and she organized a private concert. The performer is YUKARI.

Her performance was very good. Though she played the flute alone, she kept the tempo with accuracy.

Since Yukari was 10 years old, she has played the flute. So she build her music foundation when she was little. But she didn't graduate from music college, she graduated from foreign language college. Her major was Germany.
Through learning foreign languages, she interested in the world. And she backpacked around the world when she was at college. Coincidentally she joined an orchestra in Puerto Rico, and she decided to become a pro musician.

Here in Utsunomiya, we  don't need to use English. And if you live and work in Japan, you don't need to use English (for now)
So it's difficult for me to let children keep motivation to learn English.

But I knew, once you are interested in foreign languages, you might want to see foreign countries. Once you go abroad, your world might expand.

Talking with YUKARAI, the way to think about why I teach English, and why we learn English has been changed.

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