Thursday, June 06, 2013


The other day Yuki came back with this bag of sweets. It was given away at cafeteria. Why?
Fortunately Utsunomiya didn't have a big damage from the big earthquake in 2011. However some spots were broken. For example Yuki's workplace had a bad damage. Unfortunately they caused a casualty, and some facilities were broken. There are three cafeterias, and all of them got a big damage. It took two years to rebuilt three cafeterias. And the other day all of them were rebuild To celebrate the rebuilding this sweet was given away to all employees.

Some people think they are attentive. On the other hand some people might think that it's a waste of money, instead of using money for it, we wish we would get more bonus. The date of getting our bonus is just around the corner.
Anyway there were two sweets in this bag. So for use they became good dessert of our breakfast.

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