Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I seldom talk about political things especially in English. Because it's too difficult to express my opinion in English. And I'm not so interested in political things. On the other hand saying that "I'm not interested in political things" seems to show my ignorance to foreigners.. Partly I accept my ignorance, on the other hand I don't like to be told that you are stupid.

Yesterday when I was talking with a lady living in the Philippines via SKYPE, she asked me about an election that was held last Sunday. I managed to tell her about the election. Well, let me write it down as an English homework.

Yuki and I went to vote, the election was held at a school nearby. This time we voted, but it doesn't mean we always go to vote. Actually this time the voting rate was 52%. It was the third worst score.
Why do not so many people go to vote? First many people are not so interested in political things, and they think one vote doesn't make a change in Japan. This time most Japanese people thought that the Liberal Democratic Party must win so it can't be helped to go to vote.And actually it won.

We cast two ballots in the election. First we choose a person, after that we choose a party. I voted for a man who didn't belong to the the Liberal Democratic Party. The reason why I chose him. I've met him (on the street) and he had been a politician and had been doing some things for our city ( I believe) for 20 years. So I wanted him to continue his political life. Unfortunately he lost and he decided to resign his political life.

I chose a party whose head was a lady of the same generation as me. The party was really small, but I liked her character though  I just saw her through TV. She seemed to want the youth more active and energetic. Unfortunately the party lost, and she decided to resign.

I like Mr. Abe who is the head of the Liberal Democratic Party. So I hope he and his party make Japan more active. I don't know whether consumption tax will be raised or not. I don't know whether pension  will be cut or not. These two issues were swept under the rug during the election campaign. I hear lot of negative things in our daily life. Anyway I hope all people live with comfort and health.

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