Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday has started

Monday has started. How was your weekend?
Yesterday I went to the library to do volunteer work. My group reads English picture books at the library once every two months. Fortunately the room was full of people. This time Stacy helped us. So thanks to Stacy, many people came to listen to us. Not many natives read books well to kids. Stacy loves to read English picture books to kids. So she volunteered.

As I often tell you, I started to do this volunteer work to use English naturally even in Japan. Of course English is a language, so it's for speaking, for writing, and for reading. But in our Utsunomiy'a usual life we don't need to use English.

But reading English picture books to kids (or to people) is a kind of performance. It's a natural way to use English. So I started to do this volunteer job.

Yuki came back from his business trip to the U.S. He did hard work and he ate too much. So yesterday we had a light dinner with wine. For dinner we went to a cheese shop. In Japan cheese is not so cheap. And we don't have many kinds of cheese at a supermarket. So we went to a special cheese shop.

And I made two vegetable dishes. Now it's  the season for corn and onions. I got lots of fresh onions from a farmer last week. I sliced an onion, and eat it. It was not so bitter.

How do you cook if you get lots of onions? I preserve some of them under the eaves (keeping from going rotten and coming vampires.)

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