Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer vacation -3-

Later half of our summer vacation, we enjoyed nature.
Do you know what type of this car (bus)? It's a water and ground car. (amphibian car?)  We went to a lake, and rode this car. It ran 7 minutes as a car, and after that needed 5 seconds to change into a ship before a lake. After a rallying call like 3,2,1, 0, it splashed.

This lake is an artificial lake used as a dam. Here in Kuriyama area there 5 dams. They are flood control dams. Well, well, I knew this fact  this time.
After riding this car, we visited a dam, and studied about 5 dams a little.
The water of 5 dams are, of course, used in Utsunomiya, and used even in Tokyo.
The dam is in the mountain. And in the mountain did we have meat again? Not it's the time of SOBA.

Next day we went to hot spring, and at night watched fire works. During this season, firework displays are held here and there. We went to see one of them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation in words and photos with us, Mieko. I felt as though I was there with you! Your post says that a "vacation" doesn't have to be packing a suitcase and traveling's simply a break from everyday life to nudge you out of your regular routine, to refresh your curiosity and spirits. I smiled when I read that the time spent in an air conditioned train was better than staying someplace that was so hot. Many people here either go to movies, the mall or the library when it's so hot at their homes. Sounds as though your vacation was very good! Jan

Mieko said...

Hi Jan? Do you alreday return your usual days? I've returned to usual days, but kids are still in their vacation. So they seem to be more relaxed than usual.Untill January we have no special vacation, but I'll also enjoy ny daily life.