Sunday, September 08, 2013

laughter and anger

We know laughing makes us happy and healthy. In Japan people say "Fortune knocks on the door where people laugh." Laughter is a key factor to good luck, happiness  and good fortune. This is a universal notion as shown in an English proverb "Laughter is the best medicine". Even doctors agree that laughter makes you feel relaxed and less tense. Even if you are going through hardship, try to laugh as much as you can under stress.
But if you get angry, is it easy to laugh? I read an interesting report. The report says that "if you get angry, try to less anger and try to stop doing actions with anger." To less anger it also recommends to analyse the level of your anger.
level 0; calm
level 1-3; unpleasant, and annoyed
level 4-6; irritated, and quite annoyed
level 7-8; furious and seriously upset
level 9-10; explode and can't stop trembling
It's interesting, though I think while we are analyzing the level of our anger, we are not so angry yet.  But the report also says" if you get used to analyse the level of your anger, you  will notice that your anger you sometimes feel is not so strong. It is the first step to manage your anger".

Anyway fortunately I haven't experienced the level 10 anger.

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