Monday, September 02, 2013


Unfortunately these days I only update my blog once a week. I want to try more----.
Anyway, since last week I has been suffering a neck pain. It seems not to come from getting a stiff neck, not to come from  muscle ache.
Usually when I get a stiff neck, I get a massage. But last week the pain was so bad that I didn't get it. On the other hand I was recommend to do stretch, so I went to workout and also at another place I took a stretch lesson. The pain was getting less, but--- on Saturday I had a slight fever and I felt so sluggish (languid?) that I was staying in the bed.
BUT I had an appetite. Unfortunately or fortunately Yuki doesn't cook well, so we went out to eat UDON. "When I'm sick, I have NABEYAKI-UDON". It has been my habit since I was a child. (or you can say my mother raised me up in this way.)
Yesterday I had a work all day long. Anyway I managed to do it.
After having a fever, my neck pain is getting less. Probably this week I can get a massage.
Last month a friend said to  me that " I'm careful not to have neck and shoulder pains, because they sometimes causes a fever". At that time I didn't believe it, but now I understand it.
But how am I be careful not to have them? Probably doing stretch is one way to keep away from them.

To tell the truth Yuki and I try to do more exercise.  Last week Yuki and I attended a lecture meeting. We wanted to use sports machines in Tochigi prefercutre health center. Before we use them, we have to take a lecture and a health check.

This is a part of my health check sheet. Can you guess where a circle puts.
"Lack of exercise". The level of visceral fat is four. And my body is not so difficult to burn fat in the body.


Anonymous said...

Looks as though you had a version of the old tradition of "chicken noodle soup" when you ordered udon! It's associated with the Jewish culture (called Jewish penicillin), but many other ethnic groups also prepare it when someone is sick. As with many old folk remedies, it has some scientific support. My mother always made chicken noodle soup, hot tea and buttered toast with sugar and cinnamon on it. Today, when I'm sick I still miss it! Jan

Mieko said...

In English picture books, chicken noodle soup often appeared. If I lived near your house,, I would ask you to bring it.Thanks for your comment, Jan.