Monday, October 28, 2013

about stress

Yesterday I attended a Toastmasters meeting. The theme of the table topic was stress.
1 What is your stress recently?
I was appointed to give a few minute speech.

--- What is current stress? Now my daughters are already independent, thankfully my husband works hard "for me". My mother and Yuki's mother are well until now. Though we are not rich, but we can enjoy dining out, short trips. You must think that I have no stress. To tell the truth these days I'm not in a good condition because of this weather. This changeable weather stresses on me. They cause me to have a headache, dizziness, and lightheadedness.  It's difficult for me to adjust Utsunomiy's climate. Early morning it's very cold, and in the daytime it's hot, and in the evening suddenly it gets cold. Since I came here, more that 30 years passed, but I can't adjust to its climate either. I've going to see a doctor since I came here, and the doctor's", I've seen some doctors, say you don't seem to adjust to the season of fall and spring in Utsunomiya. In Japan it is said that fall and spring are the best season to enjoy our lives. But for me they are tough season.

2. What was your stress when you were a child?

It was an interesting question. Do you remember such stress? If you remember, it means that it must have been a heavy burden. And if you overcome the stress, it must have given you a big confidence.
For me it was examinations. I hate examinations. So the most wonderful thing when I became adults, I don't need to take examinations mandatorily.

3. How do you relieve you stress?

Some people enjoy being in nature, some people enjoy music. And for me having a good meal.
Fortunately Yuki and I could find a few favorite restaurants. And we are familier with them. When we are tired, familier tastes relieve our stress. Of course challenging a new restraunt is also fun.

4. Are you a stress junkie? or what kind of people tend to be stress junkies

To tell the truth  it was the first time to hear the word. Stress junkies are people who, without even knowing it, use their own physiological responses as a mood-altering device. When we perceive ourselves to be in a threatening situation, we have specific reactions designed to help us either run like hell or battle for our lives: Our blood pressure increases (rushing extra oxygen to the muscles) and our digestive processes slow down (preserving energy).
I found an interesting issue.
Are you a Stress Junkie?
Take this short quiz to see if you might be exposing yourself to too much stress.
  1. Do you dread taking a vacation from work, even a short one, for fear that there will be more work when you come back?
  2. Do you try to squeeze an unreasonable amount of tasks into one day?
  3. Do you believe that you work better under pressure?
  4. Do you feel like you are truly accomplishing something if you are very busy?
  5. Do you leave things to the last minute because you know it will be easier to get done with a little pressure?
If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you could be on your way to stress addiction.

I thinkg getting businer and sucessful people are, getting heavier stress junkie they are.

5. sorry I forgot the last quesion.

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