Wednesday, December 04, 2013

About stress

The other day I talked about stress, but it was difficult to say something quickly. So let me re-think about stress.

• What causes your stress? And How do you recognize stress in your life?
To tell the truth these three month I was being in a bad condition. Poor health causes my stress.
Poor health makes me disappointed, and I feel discouraged. And for me when I don't want cooking, it's the sign to be under stress.

• Have you been under stress recently?
Now, it's OK, but the atmosphere of December makes me feeling busy.

• How does stress affect you?
Anyway I don't want to do anything, especially house chores.
And I don't want to go out either.

• When you are stressful, how do you feel physically?
I feel discouraged, and sometimes I take a medicine of anti-depression medicine.
This September I tried to take a little bit strong medicine, but I suffered a side effect.

• Do you feel tired during the day?
It depends on the day. Sometimes I feel tired, and sometimes I feel contentment.  I think feeling contentment and being busy are the opposite sides to me.

• Can you sleep well at night?
Fortunately I can sleep well.

• Does your stomach hurt?
Now it's OK, but when I eat too much, my stomach tents to hurt. So for these two months I have to be careful of not eating too much.

 ・How do you feel emotionally?
Probably I became old, so these days I don't feel emotionally so often,

• Do you feel nervous or worried about stressful situations?
Yes, a stressful situation causes another stressful situation.
And usually too business makes a stressful situation. So I'll organize my schedule frexiciblly as much as I can.
• Do you get angry easily?
Probably my family say "yes". but my students say "no".
And my own answer is "yes". I'm not patient.

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