Wednesday, December 11, 2013

volunteering ethos

The other day I attended a workshop. The speaker was a man who is in his 30's, and live in SENDAI.
SENDAI is one of cities which got a sever damage in 2011 because of the TSUNAMI.
He is a leader of SCHOP-DAN, which is SCOOP group in English.

Since the disaster had occurred, he went to YAMASHITA town (mainly) and dug body parts from the ground. ( the body damaged by TSUNAMI isn't kept the whole figure.) So the group name ordinated to the word scoop. They are a perfect volunteer group, but they don't call them a volunteer group, they just say they went to a friend's house,
I didn't know the following thing. In Japan we have a rule about volunteers. Volunteers don't go to dangerous areas and unregulated places. So if they told themselves to be volunteers, they couldn't enter YAMASHITA town. Because the town was completely ruined, so nobody knew people who would enter the city were good people or robbers. So only relatives and friends could enter the town. Actually the leader's friends lived in the town, and at first the leader went to find his friend (and he found the body.)
He did this work about for a year, and at the same time he started to clean the houses for surviving people in the town.

His work attracted many people, and the group was bigger.
And he knew, there were four types of volunteers.
People who can do what they can do. They are active volunteers.
People who don't do what they are able to do. (It means they don't think what they are able to do. And they are usual people.)
People who want to do what they can't do. (They are an unwelcome favor.)
People who don't do what they can't do. (They are honest people.)

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