Monday, March 10, 2014

Indian feast

Last Sunday an Indian couple invited Yuki and me for lunch. They came to Utsunomya last spring. For them this winter must have been a very tough season.
We sometimes go to an Indian restaurant to eat just "curry and rice or naan, but it was the first time to visit an Indian family. They are vegetarians, so we were really interested in their foods.
Their main spices are salt, cumin, coriander, garam masala, turmeric and red chilly pepper.
They served beans curry,
The tast was very rich and delicious. Though I don't like something hot very much, I like it.

And the white one is yogurt -----(sorry I forgot the name.) It's sour and salty. We (Japanese people) tend to eat yogurt as a dessert. So for me it was very interesting.
The yellow one is fried potatoes and vegetables. This tasie is familier for Japanese.
And we ate them with chapatti. (not naan)
As a dessert, they served this white one. It's kind of rice pudding, but not so sweet. It's an intresting taste.

The most surprising thing is  Indian pickles.
They served three kinds of pickles. This one is mango pickle.
When I hear pickles, it sounds sour, but they are very salty.
Then I understood the feeling when foreigners were served UMEBOSHI or NATTO.
They were interesting taste, very salty.
I got some mango pickles to serve my friends. I'm interested in seeing how my friends will respond when I serve it.

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