Monday, April 14, 2014


How was your weekend? Yuki and I had a good weekend. We went to a small mountain to see Iwauchiwa, which is a kind of alpine plants. They are blooming in the shade  of the mountain. Iwa means rock, and Uchiwa means Japanese flat fan.The leaves of Iwachiwa look like Uchiwa, and they thrive in a mountain which has lots rock. So they are called Iwauchiwa.
We knew we would go to a mountain, but we thought it would be a small mountain, so it would be easy to "walk".
However we had to "climb" up the steep up-down.

aBelow the mountain a ocarina solo concert was being held. And we saw another alpine plant, which is SYOJYOUBAKAMA. They are bigger than Iwauchiwa. There we bought some edible alpine plants, and, of course I made TENPURA for our dinner that night.

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