Friday, July 25, 2014

AKARI finaly appeared!

My daughter M gave birth to a girl in the early morning at 3:30 yesterday. The girl's name is "Akari". Aka means bright or active, and Ri means home.
I bit she'll become active and kind to all people.

M's contractions started at 2PM two days ago.
The doctor said "when the contracions are apart 5 minutes and last 30 seconds, you'll come to the hospital."

So I'll take her to the hospital at 7PM the day before yesterday. (It takes just 10 minutes from here to the hospital by car.)

Yuki also came to the hospital.
But at the hospital (though the rule is different depends on hospitals.), only one observer is accepted, so and in her case the observer is M's husband, Mr.Y. So we had do leave the hospital when it was 8 PM. Fortunately Mr.Y could come on time, so we said "take it easy " to our daughter and went back our home.  Mr.Y witnessed his daughter's birth. He said "I'm so impressed". (In my generation, men couldn't do that.) Yuki and I were waiting for the call. And Akari appeared at 3:30 AM yesterday.

Most of the clinic. after mothers give birth, they hug their babies for a while, and on the day they separate. Mothers sleep in a hospital room without their babies on the day.
When mothers hug their babies, they give their babies their first breast milk, but after that, they don't do that for 24 hours. (The babies are given something special and milk by nurse.)
And after that, the life with  a mother and her baby has started.
So today I can hug my grand child "Akari".

Now M's condition is good, so probably she'll stay at the hospital for four days. And next Monday she and Akari will come back to this home.

She is not into giving breast milk, so if she has lots of breast milk, she gives it to her, if it's not enough, she gives milk.
And nowadays most of mothers use disposable diapers. Some mothers who are into natural life use cloth diapers, (such women tend to use cloth pads.)

Here in Japan the cost is said about from 4000$ to 70000$ when it's a natural birth.
It is mostly covered by maternity benefits,so usually mothers pay 1000 $. (In M's case I already paid to the hospital as a deposit. What a generous mother I am! )

Anyway I'll go to the hospital with my son-in-law from now.


Helen said...


I hope everyone is healthy and happy and continues to be.

It must be a big change for your daughter and her husband.

(And yes, you are a generous mother!)

Mieko said...

Thanks Helen. Anyway our grandchild is healthy. We are very glad to welcome her.
Well, well, I have to be strict to our finace for our retired life.

Tim Frost said...

Many congratulations to everyone!
M & Mr. Y (the parents) and M & Y (the grandparents) and T (the aunt).

You life might become even busier for a while.

Hisae said...

Akari-chan! Such a lovely name.
Congratulations on this happy occasion.
I am so pleased to hear M and Akari-chan are doing fine.
How long are they staying at your house?
After this heat wave has gone, I'd like to visit your house to meet the angel.
Take care.

Mieko said...

Thanks Tim. I'm very very glad to get your comment. You are the first freind to know on this blog. It has passed about 10 years since I started this blog. I can't believe that that "trouble" girl is now a mother. Thanks Tim.

Mieko said...

Thanks Helen. For about one month she is here, it means I'm usualy at home, so please come anytime to talk with "me" who is BABA.