Thursday, August 07, 2014

a day of Grandmother

Since Akari was born, two weeks passed. She is getting a "baby", it means she has lots of things to do.
I got up 6 o'clock, and cooked breakfast quickly, took out the garbage and so on, while doing the laundry (though I just tuned on the washing machine.)
Yuki got up about about 7o'clok, and we had breakfast. Unfortunately M had to give breast-milk to AKARI. After we finished breakfast, M started having breakfast. At that time I held AKARI and burped her. She is not so good at burping, so we need to burp her often. Though she burps as soon as she drinks milk, it's not enough. After 30 or 40 minutes she starts crying to be difficulty in her breathing.  So we need to burp her again.
And when she seemed to settle down, suddenly we heard a big sound. She pooped. So M changed her diaper.
While M was taking care of her, I started doing the dishes, cleaning the rooms. Watering the garden  was Yuki's job before he went to work.

When Akari finally settled down and went into sleep, M and I made some dishes.

Well, well, Akari got up, so M was busy again. I? --- I opened this computer and did some paperwork.
Around 12, we had lunch together.
Today M's friend came to see Akarai, so I went to gym for my workout.(This week someone comes to see her in the afternoon.When my friend comes, I talk with her and M took a nap.)
Around 3 o'clock , it is the time for Akari's bating.
And She drank milk, was burped, pooped and went to sleep.
M took a nap, I started to prepare dinner.
Around 6 o'clock, we had dinner.
And it's time for Akari, again. When M was taking care of AKARI, I was doing the dishes. Then I was holding Akari when M was taking a bath.
My grandmother's job was done.
This week I don't have lessons at night, so I seem to have enough time to do something at night, but I'm too tired to do something. I go to bed earlier than usual.
See you tomorrow.

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