Tuesday, September 16, 2014

tongue stew

This week is the last week for four of us (Yuki, M, Akari and me).
Next weekend, M's mother-in-law is going to come here and we'll celebrate about one month birthday of Akari, which is called OMIYA-MAIRI. So all of us are going to a shrine.
(Usually to celebrate happy things Japanese people go to a shrine, and to comfort our sadness or purify ourselves we tend to go to a temple --- I think.)
And M's family are going to "go back" to TOKYO, and their life with three will have started.

So this weekend was the last "lively" dinner with four of us, including AKARI though AKARI cannot eat yet. (Every weekend, M's husband comes here)

M's husband is from SENDAI, and SENDAI is famous for ox tongue. ( I don't know the reason.)
So M's mother-in-law presented us a block of tongue.
 For us it was an unusual thing. I know the quality, quantity and price must be wonderful. So I have to manage to cook it.
I searched the way of cooking a blog tongue on the net --- these days "net" is very useful, isn't it?
And I cooked.
Fist I boiled it with herbs. Then I cut it into "thick" pieces.(When we eat tongue stew at restaurant, the block is  small.)

 Then I boiled ed-wine to bun off alcohol.
Then I simmered tongue, vegetables, herbs and "the" wine instead of water.
I did it.
---- I'm afraid I forgot to take the photo of the finished tongue stew.

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