Tuesday, December 23, 2014

”OJISAN" ballon appeared

"OJISAN" means a middle-aged or senior man.

 What's this? or who is he? He is OJISAN, and it's a ballon.
It was in the air last Sunday from the afternoon to the night in the downtown of Utsunomiya.
It is an art work, which is in a fine art field, and this show is organized by Utsunomiya city museum.

It is drawn by hands of many artists, the way is dot-drawing. And the face is imitated from one of real man's face who was selected from 270 men walking in the downtown of Utsunomiya this Summer.

You might think what a ridiculous show it was !
However, many people had a good chance to watch up the sky and the ballon, and to laugh.
Actaully Yuki and I were walking around the school where there was the ballon basement  with laughing. All of sides of him brought us laughing.

Japanese people tend to be said  they had little of sensese of humor, but see it! Some people have such of sense of humor.
It is said these days  suburbn cities in Japan are lossing their lively power in their mental and physical situations. However see it! It was fun, and our city of Utsunoniya is lively. I love Utsunomiya.

Why don't you come to Utsunomiya?

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