Friday, January 30, 2015

It is snowing.

From this morning, it has been snowing, but it seems to change raining. So probably the snow doesn't pile up.

It was about two weeks ago, Akari and m daughter came again. Yuki and I took care of her for a day without her mother. What did we do? We don't need to take her to an amusement park, shopping mall. So we went to see "ROUBAI" (Calycanthaceae?) which has yellow flowers.

The fragrance is very good and strong. "KINMOKUSEI" (fragrant olives) are famous for their strong fragrance.  I prefer the fragrance of ROUBAI, and it's my mother's favorite flower ( or tree). All of three us enjoyed ROUBAI (or you say Akari enjoyed being outside in the buggy.)
Then we had lunch at a SOBA shop. Of course she couldn't eat it yet.

We bought her special chair and attached it to our table in the kitchen.
She wears ANPANMAN-dress. Do you know ANPANMAN?

It is interesting. Such dress is called character dress. When I was a young mother I didn't like to put such character dress on my daughters. However-- don't mind, or I like to do it.

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