Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Interesting books

My friend who lives in America recommended this book. It has the second version.

I've already read the two of books. I don't know why she knows these books. However if there are "many" people who live in other countries and are interested in Japan, it is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

The couple in this book is a real couple who lives in Tokyo. They seem to be in their 20's. So their thinking way is a little bit different from mine (because I'm in my 50's.) And they live in TOKYO, so there are some difference between a big city and a rural area. However, the contents in this books is a real life in TOKYO. It"s so interesting. If you are a foreigner and are interested in Japanese life, please read it.
And, it's really easy to read for Japanese people who are not so good at English. There are some or many difficult English words, but we know our life style very well, so it's easy to guess what she would say using "difficult English words". 


Now, March is just around the corner, so I managed to put HINA dolls to celebrate HINA festival. On the day of HINA festival, no girls and women won't come to my house. However it's the first year for my grand daughter to experience the day even though she won't understand it.  What's HINA festival? If you have this question, you should read the book I recommend this time.

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