Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The last lesson for an lady

For Ms.K, it was the last lesson today. Now she is 72. Since she started to take my lesson once a week, ten years have passed. Through her life I could watch how we are getting old.
When she came here, her husband had still run his firm. And she had also worked with her husband, using a computer, driving a car. When she was over 65, her eyes got sick, (not aged eyes), so she stopped driving. At the same time her husband reduced the size of his business. Since then he had taken her to my house once a week. Last year he stopped to shut his firm.
Now they have started their retired life together, though most days of the week he takes her to hospital.
Unfortunately her eyes won't get back to be in a good condition. I hope the condition won't become worse than now.

On the other hand, they really get along with each other. What a nice senior couple they are! What kind of couple Yuki and I will become??

These are the side dishes (sometimes main dishes)  for  the last three days of this week.

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