Friday, May 29, 2015

The last weekday

In the morning after doing chores, I went to gym. And when I came home I had lunch -- one plate dinner. Do I seem to be lazy? -- though I put rice in another bowl. From some Japanese I seem to be lazy. Usually we serve one dish in one plate. (Does it make sense?)
Anyway  Friday is the most tough day for me. From 4 o'clock, students come in turn and the last lesson is finished at 10.
How ever the next day is Saturday.
This weekend Yuki and I are going to put chips on the grand to prevent from growing weeds. I know in America it's popular. These days here in Japan it is getting popular, but good chips are really expensive.
The gardener made them for free --- but he asked "is it OK with leaves?"
I thought I wouldn't mind ----
but ---

There are "many" ,eaves than we expected. --- what should we do??????


Rosa said...

Maybe you can shake the bag so the heavier chips fall down, remove the leaves from the top and spread the chips. Then repeat? That may work. Or, thank the nice person who gave them to you, then put them in the garbage and go buy some good ones? (That's what I would do probably! Lol!)

Mieko said...

I'll update the result after doing the job. And, yes I really thank to the gardener who brought the huge bag ob chips for free.