Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hot hot hot

These are our main dishes for this week. Most of them have already gone.
I made them this Monday.
Most of things are cold, and they are really suitable for our breakfast and my lunch &dinner.
Especially cold pumpkin soup were good.
Since I updated this blog a week has passed and we have had hot days.
I know Japanese summer is hot, but this year it suddenly got hot. So I see the news that some one die by heat stroke on the newspaper. Probably more people die than usual.
Last weekend I had two events.
One was to read English picture books at the library. Last weekend was three-day weekend. However ten couples ( I didn't except it) attended to it.

Another event was another kid's event which was organized by my company, so I had to attend it as a teacher.

Anyway I made it.

These days my snack is this one.

Carrots and honey juice.
It is really tasty though it's  a little bit troublesome to pill carrots and wash the mixer.

Well, well, I got this bunch of lavender. I'm drying them. It is spreading the good smell. It makes me forget this hotness.

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