Saturday, August 01, 2015

Akari got one year old. -2-

During M & Akari staying, Yuki had a holiday.
So we went to a mountain to escape this hotness.
There --- we got on a lift.
It is a ski resort in winter, and during the summer it is opened as a lily park. And to climb the mountain ( or hill) one ski lift works.
We didn't expect that AKARI was accepted. HOWEVER, she was accepted.
So all of four got on a lift and went to the top of the mountain.

On the top of mountain it was really cool.
So we decided to climb down the hill on foot. (Her baby car also got on a lift together, this was another surprise.)

You can see M, the baby car and Yuki.
I took the photo on the half way to the "goal" ( it means the rest house).
For young mother "M", and the person who is getting used to walk on the golf course, this walking must have been not so bad. HOWEVER for me --- it was foolhardy.
--- My stinginess ( or my thrift) brought this result.
Well, well the scenery is really good.
However the fee is 1000 yen a person (It's OK, because I got two free tickets), and the fee of one way lift is 700 yen  a person.
(Additionally it doesn't cost money to carry a baby car. But it was funny and strange. because, four of us, though Akari was carried in M's arms got on one lift, and the baby car , itself  got on another lift with no one.)
It was a good hiking course, so many people climbed up and down with sneakers.
So probably next summer "I" will use a lift to and from.

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