Friday, August 07, 2015

Before OBON vacattion

 Next week we have one-week vacation called OBON vacation.
Lots of people go traveling or visit their parents or grandparents.
It means another busiest week with our granddaughter will come.

So before the busy OBON vacation, fortunately Yuki could take a day off, so we visited a hot spring nearby. 
In the late evening we got there, and walked around the inn.
There we took foot-bath, and had beer in a cafe?bar? .

And we stayed there one night. We had a traditional Japanese breakfast-- I forgot when I had such a breakfast. I have stayed a hotel or an inn sometimes for these years, nevertheless, probably all of them served or we choiced Western style.  

Then we started hiking. We walked for 20 or 30 minutes and met a waterfall in the forest.
In this area there are some small but beautiful walls.
 We saw two waterfalls.

It was before OBON vacation, so there were not so many people and we could stay at a reasonable price. If we stay there in OBON vacation it costs more than double for the weekday price.

Well, well, another busiest (or happy) week with Akari will wait for us.
Before true OBON vacation, Yuki is going to golf  this weekend, and I have to attend two events with my students, though the events are fun for me.

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