Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Coming back from Tokyo

Last late night Yuki, my elder daughter T, and I came back  from Tokyo by car.
Well,well,we'll finally I could buy these doughnuts.

You might know this. 
They launched in Japan about 5 or 6 years ago, and they caught a big hit --- only in Tokyo. 
Or you can say they have branches only inTokyo.  I don't know they have branches in other cities, however unfortunately we don't have any branches inUtaunomiya.

I used to ask my dangers to buy them when they came back here. However they would say "I have a big bag, so I can't have more things".

And---- I've forgotten the existence of he shop.

However, yesterday we came back to TOKYO  in the day ( when we go to TOKYO by car to avoid congestion, we usually go there very early morning or late night, so most of shops are still not opend or already closed), I notice a branch near my mother's house is open. 
I blamed my elder daughter again saying why you don't tell me the existence of the branch nere my mother's house.

She said " I thought you would have lost an intereseted to the shop".

Anyway I could bought, I have wanted more, but they couldn't be frozen.
These were today's our breakfast.

Well, well in a few hours, "the" adorable and noisy girl comes. I'm cooking for her.

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