Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fotolog site seems to be closed

Since I knew Fotolog site in 2004, I have tried to put my photo on it constantly.
First they were my crafts for teaching English, because at that time I was a fresh children English teacher.

Then I have  put an OBENTOU for Megumi  on it almost every day for two years since 2006 when Tomomi left our house.

Since my two daughters left here, I almost have had a empty nest syndrome, so I have put a photo of my lunchbox.
Then in 2009 summer, Lea who is a French girl, came to stay with us for three months.
Since she left here, I started to put my lunch box photo, again.
However, I knew how important our (Yuki and my) breakfast was, and the rest of breakfast became my lunch. (Until then, the rest of my lunch box meals was the breakfast.)

Plates are changed sometimes.
And Akari was born, so --
And the last photo is

I don't know how to save the photos for about 12 years. So I wrote this report.
I'll continue to update my breakfast photos using this site. (I started instagram)
If you are interested in it, please sometimes drop by there.

Thanks Fotolog, and bye Fotolog.


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