Friday, January 15, 2016

Today's breakfast

This photo is not today's breakfast.
My face book showed this photo today, which was taken on the day three years ago.
The night before the day it snowed, so the morning on the day the roads frozen. Yuki went to work very earlier than usual. So I cooked quick-breakfast.
And even though it had been cold  we used to have cold home made yogurt drink with green kale powder.

This is the photo of today's breakfast.
You will notice hamburgers.
Today I had to go to the station very early, and on the way back home I bought these hamburgers at MOS-burger shop (not Mac).
Yesterday Yuki went to TOKYO on business, and he was going to come back here at night.
However he drank too much ( he said not too much, just a little), and he fell asleep, the train passed the Utsuomiya station with him. So he stayed at a hotel in front of FUKUSHIMA station which is 100 far north from here. And he came back to Utsunomiya on the first train. Of course kind Mieko picked him up.
Anyway according to the report written three years ago it was very cold. This year it's not so cold, though according to the weather report it is going to be cold next week. Nowadays I often cook  potato portage with TOUFU.
The white one is it. Hot soup suits winter even though it's not cold, doesn't it?

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