Tuesday, January 12, 2016

usual days

Now it's past one o'clock. As soon as I update this blog, I go out to KARAKU to play the piano.
Yes, today it is the day that I change into a pianist.
Now I've spent usual days with Yuki.

Yesterday I went to a fair in my city with my friend who is as old as I. The friend and I have been friends since I came here, it means about 30 years has passed since we've know each other. And nowadays we go the fair without our kids.
Here we usually buy KIBUNA which is a kind of good luck charm or an amulet and is dealt only in UTSUNOMIYA. It derives from a folk story in Utsunomiya.
If you are interested in it --- please drop this site. ( I think I get a permission from my friend.)

It's time to go to KARAKU.

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