Friday, February 05, 2016


ACHA-- is Japanese, it means "oh no!"
I twisted my food, and went to see a doctor. And I have a chip fracture (this is the new word for me, and I know the word in Japanese, it is the first time for myself to get it.)

Where??? don't ask me, just I walked as usual, a small road was a gravelly path. I twisted between a big rock board and gravelly area.
If you understand and imagine the situation, it means you are senior.

The doctor said, if you use your food very often, I put a cast on your foot.
I thought, my work is ---mainly sitting on the chair, so I won't need it.

However it's my mistake. My join job is house errands. No one is there in my house so I do all things by myself, just take a spoon.

I walk slowly though I can't stand this situation,
On the other hand Hiroko-san (my mother who is over 80), acts very well though she often says (I can't act like you.)
Well, well, though everyone says, when I'm in the situation I can understand the situation on the same people. (How do you say this sentence more familiar in English?)

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