Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nothing special ---today--

Today, I have nothing special ---- it means I'm spending this day lazily.
Today and tomorrow I have no lessons. I was going to go to Tokyo but I changed the schedule. Just I go to Tokyo tomorrow for one-day trip to meet only my grand daughter. (Sorry I don't drop by my mother's house).

So today I have "nothing" special to do.
I thought I was going to go to the theater (early morning we can see a movie for 1000 yen, usually the fee of adult is 1800 yen).
However I was too lazy to go out.

Anyway I did house chores,  which are serving breakfast, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, wiping the floor with clothes (probably it's not a common chore, but I do), and watering the flower. Fortunately weeding is not included yet. I don't like cold weather, but the one thing I like is not weeding .

I made some reports, and now I'm updating my blogs.

Beside me some books are piled up. It's a good time to read them -- but I'm a usual woman, it means when we have enough time to do something, we tend not to do anything.
So I'm just lazy.

Now it's 10:30. It's a good time to have a tea break, though I don't know how many times I'll take a tea break today.

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