Monday, February 29, 2016

The current situation of supermarkets nearyby

In the morning I went out shopping. Though yesterday I also went shopping, I had to do it again to get ground beef. We usually buy fresh meat instead of frozen meat especially ground meat. (It's common in Japan to use ground meat.)  Usually the expiration date is within two days including the day.
If I use it for our family, I don't mind if we use it  the day after the expiration day. However I'm going to use it at tomorrow's workshop, which four people will attend. They must mind the expiration date.
So I went shopping again.
There are four super markets nearby.
The nearest one "T" is convenient because of the distance. And it's not so big so it's easy to search for something. However they don't deal in expensive things because the customers don't call for them. So when I want fish or meat with good quality I go another store.
The second nearest one is "O". I was surprised that though it was Monday (week day), the parking lot was already full. Why? Was it a special day today? According to today's fliers in the newspaper , it is just an egg-sales day.  Inside there were lots of seniors some of them were senior couples.
There, I couldn't get enough ground meat. There were only three packs of 100g ground beef.
The good things of O-supermarkets are that they deal in a little amount of foods like sushi for two people, fresh fish (sashimi) for two people, and good quality & low cost (because of the low quantity). And they are one of local markets, so they deal in local vegetables or others.
So we pay 1000 yen, but we don't need lots of sushi, just for two people, but we need good quality.
It is the reason why the store was full ---probably. (I was convinced of it after going to the next store.)
So I went to another super market. It was a national supermarket, so they deal in various things.
So the price is not so inexpensive, but not so expensive. They are intended for families.
It was a weekday, so it was not crowded. Here I found ground beef.

If I didn't find ground beef there, I was going to another super market which are between a supermarket and a department store. So the cost is a little bit expensive.
Anyway I found ground veer at a reasonable price.
Well, well, I've already organized the room for tomorrow.

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Marta Goebel said...

What kind of meet is the most popular and easiest to get in Japan? I'm very curious... I used to follow your cooking pictures on the Fotolog but have problems with connection- they have so many advertisements that watching is impossible! Love your dishes- everything looks so delicious!