Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A group exhibition

Yuki and I went to Tokyo to see a exhibition organized by my elder daughter and her friends & coworkers.

The work in the center is my daughter's.  Fortunately it was sold.
When I started this blog, she was a high school student, and actually she took art lesson after school, but did not express or decided which course she was going to go. All of them including her  thought she would chose a science course. However she decided to go to art college.
At that time we were worried about her future  thinking how she earned money.
After she graduate art college, she didn't work as a business woman. Luckily she got a job as an assistant as her art lab.
However the period of her assistant was finished. Now she has some lessons at some art school as a temporally teacher while she continues making something. This time it was a group exhibition. And this summer she is going to held her personal exhibition.
Anyway she gets by --even though we ( precisely Yuki) pay our cell phone fee because of a family contract form.
We can't say she "perfectly" become independent. Anyway she seems to pursue the way of an artist for a while.

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